One to One Photography Tuition

Whether you consider yourself to be an enthusiastic amateur or a complete beginner then you are sure to gain something from these training sessions. Perhaps you want to know a bit more about your own camera so that you can get the best from it or maybe you have a specific style in mind but aren't quite sure how to achieve it.

These sessions are designed to be fun so why not grab a friend and book a session together and you will receive a 10% discount. For more information, please contact me

Starter Session : £75

Advanced Session : £75

Post-Processing Session : £75

  • 2-hour session;
  • Basic camera handling techniques will be explained;
  • Basic compositional rules of photography will be outlined; 
  • Basics of shutter-speed, aperture and iso explained;
  • Hands on practice covering all elements.
  • 2-hour session;
  • Advanced camera handling techniques will be explained;
  • Challenging compositional rules and when to break them;
  • Tailored to your requirements and will therefore cover a specific topic;
  • Choose from topics such as landscapes, portraits, macro, nature etc...
  • 2-hour session;
  • Technical jargon explained;
  • Learn the basics of GIMP, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop;
  • How to best prepare your images for the internet and printing. 


Extended Tuition Sessions

If you would like an extended session then you can grab a great deal by booking one of the combination sessions listed below to take advantage of a generous discount. These sessions are designed to take place during the course of a single day.

Digital Camera Tuition : £140

Complete Tuition : £199

  • Includes the starter and advanced training sessions
    combined into one 4-hour session (with short break);
  • Basic and advanced camera handling techniques will be 
  • Choose a specific topic on which to concentrate.
  • Includes the starter, advanced and post-processing sessions;
  • Split into 2 sessions of 3 hours. 
  • Choose a specific topic on which to concentrate.


Ideally you should have your own equipment in order to undertake these sessions. Tripods can be provided if required and the instructors camera and lenses will be used for practice if needed. Unless you are intending to buy (or already own) Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, post-processing sessions will be provided using the free software GIMP.

Most training will take place outdoors (dependent on the weather and specific topic selection) except for post-processing training. For training taking place more than 15 miles from Calne, Wiltshire, travel fees may be applied.