• * Pre-Wedding Information Form *

  • With your wedding fast approaching, please could you confirm all of the timings and the schedule of the day below. If your personal details have recently changed (e.g. phone number, postal address) please be sure to include this in the information box at the bottom of the form.

    At the bottom of the form you will find a section regarding formal photos. Please tick the relevant options and detail more if you require them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me


    Please provide additional information where applicable e.g. Bridesmaids: 3x adult bridesmaids and one flower girl.

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    Please fill in all relevant sections with additional details if possible e.g. Speeches: 5pm 3x speeches following the wedding breakfast

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    Please tick all applicable photos. Think carefully about the number of photos you require as this will take up valuable celebrating time!

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  • Photos from your event may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. If you have any reservations regarding this, please let me know in advance.


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