2016 - 8/52 - Aperture

February 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This week kind of had me stumped! With the theme this week being "aperture" I thought I would just wing-it and find some sort of hole or frame through which I could capture something. I had been due to run a photowalk at the start of the week so I had been pinning my hopes on finding something suitable during the walk. Unfortunately, I was struck down with a horrible bug just a few hours before the walk and I ended up missing it completely! Understandably the photography challenge more or less went out of the window for a few days... that is until today! 

I did debate just putting off the challenge for a few days but I really didn't want to admit defeat so easily. So, with a few hours to go I thought I would try and make some apertures through which I could shoot some bokeh. I didn't really have the patience (or the time) to create anything too complicated but I thought that these shapes worked quite well in the end. It would have been great to use a few different coloured lights or maybe even super-impose all of the different types of bokeh into a single image. Maybe thats an idea for another day!


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