2016 - 7/52 - Red

February 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The first day of this theme week just so happened to fall on Valentines Day. I presume this was one of the contributing factors in deciding the theme which was "Red". I was tempted to do another mini-project and just photograph a number of things that were red. This started with some striking red berries and was followed later on, rather non-imaginatively, by a red postbox! During that first day I did manage to capture rather a lot of red items but they were just snaps - I wasn't really putting any thought into the composition of the images, I was purely just taking photos because they were red!

There was one image, however, that did seem to stand out simply because of the day on which it was taken. We had actually spent the day in Bristol visiting the museums and taking a wander around the harbourside. It seems the have become a bit of a tradition for people the leave locks on Pero's Bridge and I always try and get a couple of photos of them. On this occasion, I was drawn to a heart shaped lock which, upon closer inspection, actually bore that days date! It seemed too good an opportunity to miss. I presume it must have been left there earlier that day but how much earlier I'll never know - perhaps it had only been there a few minutes!

Once I had decided that this would be my image for the week, I thought that I would go one step further and remove all colour from the image except the red of the heart. I'm not a huge fan of these types of photo - its something I did quite a bit when I first got my hands on photoshop but I soon realised that it has to be used sparingly and only really works on images containing vibrant colours. So here we go!


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