2016 - 5/52 - Texture

February 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of my reasons for attempting a 52-week photography challenge was to give myself an additional reason to get out and about with my camera taking photographs for myself rather than for other people. The first couple of weeks of the year were good fun - I had time to spare and managed to brainstorm a few ideas and then capture what I had envisioned. This has definitely become more difficult as the weeks have gone by, simply because my workload has increased and I am finding myself with less spare time to dedicate to personal photography projects.

I am still keeping my eyes peeled for images to fit each weeks theme though and last week the theme was "texture". This year I have so far shot two weddings, both of them falling within the timeframe of this theme. I therefore decided that I would try and capture images at each of the weddings. My first thought was to try and capture close-up details of the wedding dresses as I knew that each dress was bound to be very unique. But, at the first wedding I fell in love with the cake and the intricate detailing and knew that this had to be my image for the week.

Six days later, at the second wedding, I decided to hunt down the cake as I was interested to see if it also had an interesting surface texture. It did and it was completely different! It reminded me of my sisters wedding cake, adorned with profiteroles and, no doubt, extremely tasty!!! 


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