2016 - 4/52 - Space

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I thought I'd had a bit of a eureka moment this week! With the theme being "Space" I thought that I would be really clever and try to capture photos of the space that I was making during a good old sort out at my Mum's house. The aim was to go through all of the stuff that had accumulated in "my room" and get rid of as much as possible making lots of lovely space! A before, during and after shot was the aim - with the intention that it would show a cluttered room becoming more tidy and spacious!

Unfortunately there were two issues! Firstly, I had forgotten my main camera and had to rely just on my camera-phone. Secondly, I got so involved in the process of tidying that I forgot to stop and take photos anyway!!!

In the end I went back to my first (and most obvious) thought of shooting the stars! Of course that did mean that I needed clear skies and the clouds did not want to oblige... until tonight that is! So with just one hour left before the end of this theme-week, I dashed outside with my tripod and grabbed a few images just one metre from my front door! I'm actually amazed at how many stars have come out in the images - especially as the clouds were already starting to gather overhead. In the end I actually liked the effect that the clouds produced and so purposely tried to capture them - I thought that they provided a kind of ethereal, northern-lights vibe!



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