2016 - 3/52 - Light

January 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I found this weeks challenge really difficult! It wasn't because it was particularly hard to think of ideas - in fact quite the opposite. It was because the theme was so broad that I didn't quite know how to narrow it down! So what was the theme?


In some respect EVERY photograph could be attributed to this theme. Photography, after all, literally translates as writing with light!

One thing was certain, I wanted to try and play with light in a bit of a different way. I had managed to get a few shots over the last couple of weeks that would have fitted the theme perfectly but unfortunately none of them had been taken during the correct week! This one was taken just before the week commenced - a shame really as this would have been a great one!

My first thought was to try to take a photo of sunlight streaming through a window - something with high contrast and very minimal in composition. Unfortunately the opportunity just didn't present itself and I really didn't have time to hunt it down! Instead I waited and waited for an image (and the inspiration) to just appear which of course didn't happen either! And so today I found myself heading out for a walk with my camera in the vain hope of finding something... anything that would fit the theme.

Before heading out, my sister and I brainstormed a few ideas of which one of them was "items that are light" such as feathers and balloons. Guess what I found as soon as we got out of the car?

With the sun making a rare appearance I also managed to grab a quick shot of our silhouettes - playing around with the absence of light rather than capturing light itself so, ultimately, not quite befitting of the theme!

Eventually, getting rather desperate, I tried to capture a few shots of my nieces suspended in mid-air as if they were so light they were just floating away!!!

Finally, having looked back over my shots from the week, I came across this photo which I actually took on the first day of the week for this theme - its simple, obvious and not overly exciting but at least it fits the theme!

In conclusion, I'd say that this week was a bit of a failure! I suppose I still managed to get out and take quite a few photos but I was really disappointed with the end result. Nothing really captured the theme in the way that I had wanted it to but this was largely due to the fact that I didn't take the initiative and make the shots happen in the first place! I definitely need to put a bit more thought into the themes in advance and dedicate a little more time to actually capturing them during the remainder of the challenge!


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