2016 - 2/52 - Monochrome

January 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The theme for this weeks challenge was "Monochrome". I immediately leapt to thinking about black and white images but monochrome of course means "single colour", not necessarily grayscale!

Trying to capture a range of tones of a single colour in one image initially seemed a little boring to me - I thought about blue skies or green fields but the weather at the moment (and of course the time of year) meant that I discarded these two ideas straight away - there would just be no chance of capturing those in the specified timeframe!

I was struggling to think of anything that I was particularly excited about capturing so I decided that I wouldn't restrict myself to one particular colour, instead I decided that I would see if I could capture a whole rainbow of different images. I relaxed slightly with regard to the composition of the shots and instead just wanted to keep my eyes peeled for vivid blocks of colour.

As I was up in London for a day I decided to visit Brick Lane to hunt down some street art. There was a lot to capture but with the monochrome theme at the forefront of my brain I decided I wanted to try and capture some close-up details - it was actually a lot more difficult than I first thought! So many of the urban artworks were so intricate and colourful that it was hard to isolate single colours! I came away with a lot of wide shots showing the full artworks but I did manage to get in close for a few pictures. I didn't quite manage a full rainbow but this is what I came up with.

I realise that many of these images aren't monochrome in the strictest sense of the word. But I have to say that I quite enjoyed this theme - from a simple starting point it evolved and changed to become a fun little mini project. I'm not too worried that I veered off-theme slightly. The point is that it inspired me, made me think and I had fun which is exactly why I wanted to do this 52-week challenge in the first place!


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