2016 - 1/52 - This Is So Me

January 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After 2015 being a rather busy year I am aiming to undertake a little bit more photography which is just for me this year. That means continuing with a couple of projects I have neglected for rather a while and also attempting something new. I would love to do a 365-day challenge but I just know that I would fail on a major scale! Instead, I'm going to attempt a 52-week challenge. Rather than just posting any random photo that I have taken during each week, I'm going to follow the themes set out on the website Capture Your 365. The first theme was "This Is So Me" or "Self-Portrait". I've always struggled with self-portraits (something I must work on!) so my first thought was to try and capture an item that was "so me". That idea evolved into a birds-eye view of a collection of items that kind of sum me up at the moment. A stroke of inspiration then led me to try and include a self-portrait too and I remembered that my camera can capture double-exposures (i.e. two images combined into one). In the end, this is what I came up with.

Its not exactly what I was intending to capture. Firstly, there are a few items missing that I wanted to include but for one reason or another I couldn't work out how to fit them in. I was also intending to capture a colour image rather than a black and white one. But, I am happy with how it turned out. It took a few shots to get used to the double-exposure and I had to think about lighting everything first. This was the third version that I took and its pretty much straight from camera (apart from tweaking the contrast and saturation in Lightroom). 



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