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So it seems as though I have finally taken the plunge. 

Last weekend I purchased my first ever Mac! I have long promised myself a Mac but I could never justify the high price tag. But, with my laptop no longer running quite as well as I needed it to, alongside the fact that I am finding myself working with other Mac users on a more regular basis (and also wanting a larger, crisper display to take my photography to the next level) I thought the time was finally right! In all honesty, I probably still can't quite afford to splash out on such an extravagance (as thats what I still consider it to be) but in order to push myself and my business forward, it seemed the logical next step.

I have a big wedding to photograph this weekend and I am truly excited about using the new machine to process the images. In preparation, it felt only right to spend a few evenings trying to get to grips with the whole new operating system and way of working. I have a little bit of experience using Macs so it wasn't quite the scary, plunged-into-the-deep-end experience that I thought it might be. In fact, I'm quite impressed with how easy I am finding it - I've only had to resort to googling a couple of tricky things so far! The magic mouse and compact keyboard are taking a little bit of getting used to but essentially it seems as though there isn't such a vast difference between how you operate Macs and PCs as there once might have been. I am, however, already noticing a huge improvement in the speed at which I am working as I am yet to encounter any freeze or delay whilst exploring, surfing or even processing images.

Of course the big test came when I tried out Lightroom and Photoshop - it will be, after all, my main work computer. The (much) larger screen makes it a lot easier to process images and the speed has so far been amazing!  I'm looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the next set of wedding images but in the meantime, here are a few old images which I was excited to have a go at re-processing. It just seemed fitting somehow to edit images of an epic band on my epic new machine!


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